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Why hoteliers did not listen? The digital networking revolution in the MICE industry.

This is repost of one of my popular blog posts from early 2019 for my medium account.

“Today, anyone with an internet connection and a Twitter account can make the news. The narrative is no longer CONTROLLED. You can also get connected to absolutely ANYBODY around the world: anyplace, anytime. This is powerful.

2019: The paper media reach was drastically declining, and the same was said for Television.

In 2019 the prediction was: " By 2025, most people in the UK will likely get their television programmes over the internet. By 2030, possibly everyone will. The TV aerial will have gone the way of the typewriter”


Taking all information that into consideration I wondered, why so many hoteliers and directors of marketing and sales are still pouring investment into traditional media in order to promote their properties for meetings and events.


"When approached with a paid membership from a digital platform, influencer or a networking tool/hub (which represents a much smaller payment to that from an industry magazine or a show) they look with distrust and peculiarity.

This needs to stop. Online venue/hotel/supplier/buyer/networking platforms are not going anywhere and they will only grow in strength and leverage.

No matter how many cold call your team will do per week, or how many hosted buyer events and expos your sales director will attend- nothing can equal the online promotion and digittal networking, and the reach it gives you at a much lower budget and staffing cost.

The online/digital networking and promotion are also strengthened by social media and influencers, who are now the go-to people for news and suggestions.

Hoteliers in the sector of meetings, groups, and events often omit the potential of online platforms and social media for promoting their facilities.

But as we are not entering a decade of declining traditional media, cold calling, and expo shows- we must remember that the online platforms are a new form of sales strategy.

We cannot predict the future in many cases, but when there is real hard evidence as to where the world is going and the same scheme with mistakes as the previous generations made (Television was regarded as a failure compared to RADIO and nobody gave it a bright future), we need to act!!!

Do not be left behind the revolution that is already around us "

Pauline Kwasniak- Medium - January 2019

JUNE 2020


And now one of the BIGGEST events/MICE forum organisers is introducing a digital networking platform with AI-powered technology, for the events industry. It allows you to search for suppliers an do business online via digital networking.

Female Event Planners has built a strong online community of events professionals - and will offer community and content placements, as well as the e-educational hub, for hoteliers and MICE professionals.

Make sure you LISTEN this time around and pay attention to the digital networking revolution, that is taking the industry by storm.

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