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When the world starts to move again, get moving with it.

The Lockdown caused most of us to rethink our lives, our values and our goals. We stayed at home, often moving less and eating more.

Now, when the world has started to move again, we should START MOVING with it.

Everything in life is in a constant movement: nature around us, growing trees, caterpillars changing into butterflies, eggs hatching into birds, days turning into nights. Winter snow melting away, only to bring its white magic again next year etc ...

Everything around us moves, wheater we like it or not.

As humans, we should also keep moving, keep growing, keep bettering ourselves. We are on a constant pursuit of happiness which is NEVER ENDING, and fitness is a key component of it.

Ophelie Clouard

Ophelie Clouard has worked in events and hospitality industry for quite some time now, with companies such as Hotel Planner and most recently Secret Escapes. She is a well-travelled and passionate young professional, who lives and works in London.

2 years ago Ophelie, embarked on a fitness transformation. Her goal was to strengthen her body, introduce a balanced diet and lead a much healthier lifestyle. As a busy Londoner, as well as an event professional, she felt she never really had the time to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

One day she has asked herself, if it was truly due to her busy lifestyle, or perhaps she never made the time?

Gym memberships spike in January

The statics do not lie. New gym memberships always SPIKE in January. The reason?

Most of us feel the excitement of the possibilities. Every NEW YEAR, we make countless resolutions. That excitement is powerful and can really help you in your transformation but...

Yeah, there is a but. A lot of us do not stick with it and for no fault of our own. Gyms are often very daunting, especially for newcomers. There are little support and guidance available and a lot of women simply do not enjoy body weights.

Ophelie has effective BUT EASY TO FOLLOW exercise routines, which involve YOUR OWN BODY WEIGHT and can be easily carried out at home, in your garden or a park.

This is what she enjoys the most and what brings her the best results.

She is ready to share these valuable lessons with others and urges all of us to BENEFIT form that excitement which we usually only get to experience once a year.

Now, due to the restrictions being lifted and the world slowly starting to move again, we can all feel the thrill of NEW POSSIBILITIES and we should use that to start a change in ourselves.

And for the days when you feel lost or doubt creeps in, Ophelie has built an online community to inspire you, motivate you and support you.

The group

Last month, she launched a Facebook Group, where she provides her short videos with all of her exercises and routines, as well as nutritional advice. She is also becoming a fitness influencer on Instagram - her profile is full of valuable and helpful videos.


Ophelie continues:

"We all need to work on the RELATIONSHIP we have with our body. If you want to get your body moving, it all starts with YOU. Everybody has different goals regarding their physical health. And some of these goals can be difficult to achieve, especially if you sit in your office, most of the days. With limited access to gyms or group classes, what you do AT HOME, is now more important than ever."

Internal Motivation

We have observed it with working from home versus working in the office. Why is it much harder to concentrate and achieve tasks at home?

You see, in the gym you might be motivated by the external environment: your instructor, your friends at the gym or others in the fitness class.

But when you are at home: the motivation needs to come from the internal source; that means YOU and you alone. And this can be daunting, especially if you do not know where to start.

Ophelie truly understands that women need guidance and support

"Join our group to get access to at-home workout videos, nutrition tips to be healthy and achieve the body of your dreams. But most importantly to create a positive mindset. Why? Because it is important to take care of yourself. Because you are worth it."

We have asked Ophelie for some tips she would give women who want to start on their fitness journey

1. Walk in the nature park or city, get your steps in (releases anxiety, helps to lose fat and tighten your stomach). Walking is often the first step and does not require any routines.

2. Meditate to help you manage your emotions in a healthier way and be more mindful about eating. Practice breathing.

3. Once you are ready to introduce workouts, try to mix them up and have a bit of fun with it.

4. Ask for support from an expert (or join our group). The expert would show you the right and safe exercises, routines and practices. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. The content is already there. But make sure you get your lessons from a trusted source.

5. Reduce your sugar intake to avoid stomach inflammation and lose fat.

6. Learn, listen to podcasts, read books about nutrition and wellbeing.

7. Join an online community of like-minded women witht the same goals. For example, join our group. You will receive support but most importantly you will also be able to share your experiences or doubt when you are feeling low or demotivated.

8. Always remember you are not alone. It takes time but you can change your old habits and build a healthier lifestyle.

We are now spending a lot of time on our phones, in our home offices or simply watching Netflix.

But we need to nourish our body and mind in the right way, in order to feel happier.

Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve, what are your challenges? What would it mean for you to achieve the body of your dreams and have a positive mindset?


Join the group

Follow Ophelie on Instagram (IG: @ophelyfithealth)

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