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This eventprof helps you to travel safely while looking fashionable!

Anniek De Vlieger is one of the best and most talented eventprofs we know. With years of corporate event planning exprience previously for Coca-Cola as well as many pharma companies, Anniek is a queen of her craft.

She also has an impeccable fashion style, something that definitely made her stand out from the crowd.

Back in February 2020, Anniek managed her last big event.

March and April saw many of the event projects she worked on postponed or cancelled. Nobody was certain when things will "go back to normal". Even though most event professionals were hoping that events will take off again after summer, Anniek knew it will not be the same as before. Coronavirus is a serious global issue and we have to adapt to the current circumstances in a responsible and safe way.

And so she combined her love of fashion, creativity and her sense of responsibility to launch her new brand: STAYINGFASHIONABLE - high quality, certified, safe and BEAUTIFUL masks and accessories, that allow you to travel safely and in style.

So we asked Anniek about her new brand and her vision:

" Stayingfashionable is a one-stop-shop for accessories which are a necessity during the (Post) Covid-19 crisis. In line with the decisions, measurements and regulations taken by many of the Governments, face masks and hand sanitizers have become one of the necessities in our daily life.

Together with reliable partners, who have been making face masks for several years, our team can propose to you and your company, fashionable face masks which will be fun to wear and protect you and the others. The masks can be personalized with a logo and message.

In the (Post) Covid-19 crisis collection, we also offer attractive hand sanitizer holders for kids and adults."

Anniek also told us:

" These are very uncertain and difficult times and we will need to adapt our way of living with the presence of Covid-19.

It is our aim to offer a collection of accessories which will bring a bit of joy and fun to everyone. 

We value you, the people, our customers, and will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied and feel safe. "

The collection

Anniek was very kind to send us a few samples and we immediately loved her collection.

The masks are quite stunning and we especially love the gel sanitizer holder, in different colours. You can attach it onto your bag, just as a fashion accessory.

Thank you, Anniek for allowing us to express ourselves with style while keeping us safe and healthy. This is also a great idea for a corporate or personal gift.


Connect to Anniek on Linkedin HERE

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