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Safety as a unique selling point for destinations, across social media.

Safety is becoming a unique selling point for destinations across the globe. Currently, there is a number of competitions as well as tenders, circulating in the social media marketing industry. Social media and marketing agencies are being asked to produce and execute a social media content strategy, for destinations as well as certain hotel chains, based on SAFETY as a unique selling point. This is a current social media marketing plan or many destinations, hotels or DMCs.

In the coming summer months and throughout 2020, you will be seeing a lot more content, about safety/hygiene processes of destinations and venues.

You will be seeing posts across your social media channels about airlines, airports, hotels, venues, tour providers, restaurants, destinations - all getting ready to welcome travellers and MICE groups in style, yet providing the highest standard of hygiene.

There is no doubt, such content will prevail and motivate certain companies to engage in live events once more. It will also be necessary to match search terms of various online users, who will simply be interested in this information. It's an important strategy to ensure destinations have this content.

But, whenever we plan a social media strategy we have to think of:

Nr 1. Immediate/short term strategic goals (usually for sales)

Nr 2. Long term, ambassadorship or branding campaign (usually for awareness and overall branding).

Do not base your content strategy solely around safety and hygiene.

This is, of course, an important aspect that should feature in your content and will surely be trending online. Safety and hygienic measures are becoming new SALES POINTS that destinations and venues will compete on.

Just as once upon a time, we competed on price, accessibility or technology - now it will be safety score.

That is a new reality but, this is not the only element of your UNIQUENESS you shoudl be promoting across social.

If anything, now is the time TO REMIND people about the beautiful and unique aspects of your destination (or venue). The history behind your brand, property or locality. There are so many fascinating stories you should be sharing with your audience.

Now is the time to keep ONLINE CONVERSATIONS GOING.

Share content that is thought-provoking and sparking conversations. Strive for MORE engagement with your online audience, rather than just reach. Do not practice engagement baiting (more about this in another post).

Make your existing as well as a new audience to fall in love with your content and excite pe to return to your destination or property, when the time is right.

Remind them what is there to love about your destination /hotel / people /culture/ food /history etc.


Selfie spots have always encouraged people to take pictures and share them across social. I always loved to mix physical and online. But I feel like this time it almost receives a new meaning and mission now and their smart installation can help greatly in your content strategy, for an engaged audience.

Selfie spots will help you to REEDUCATE tourist /visitors about your destination. It is your chance to promote new places and make them really popular on social.

So while you are promoting your safety measures and reopening plans for your immediate social marketing strategy, do not forget to take the opportunity created by the "NEW NORMAL" post-COVID-19.

You have a chance to introduce new palces, aspects, the culture of your destination that people knew little about- all via your social media and content strategy. The travel and MICE market has space for new ideas and destinations. The new unknown could all of the sudden become KNOWN, with the help of the right content and social media marketing strategy.

Let me know what do you think about this?

Pauline - Female Event Planners Community

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