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Female computer engineer turned event planner

The whole premises of this platform is to make eventprofs digitally savvy and better at digital marketing. We also wanted to provide value in supplying them with digital news and tips.

Traditionally, our industry was not tech or digital-focused, and we wanted to change that and SUPPORT eventprofs in that change.

You can, therefore, understand our FASCINATION with this lady - Kusum C Bala - an engineer turned event planner.

We were immediately impressed by Kusum's creative Instagram feed and posts. We also felt she was a really friendly person, but what we have discovered about her really excited us.

In today's world, oftentimes the best-paid jobs revolve around technology, IT or STEM-related industries.

We just had to ask: what prompted a female engineer to become an event planner?

Kusum said: passion and creativity.

Now we have heard people say this before. The event and the travel industry is truly fascinating and unique. You meet a lot of great people, you get the honour of seeing AMAZING places in your own country and around the world. You are constantly on the go and you are also of service to others - creating once in a lifetime memories for other people (event attendees).

2 years ago we have created a survey and asked hundreds of eventprofs if they had formal events eduction, before starting in this industry?

Many events professionals told us, that they didn't have formal events education, but built their portfolio from scratch based on experience and grit. Many had degrees in other fields but still...the majority of those were from the cultural, politics, media, languages, hospitality or arts degree background.

We have NEVER met someone like Kusum before and we would like YOU to get to know her too, because she is a BEACON of hope, that other events professionals can get inspired by.

While the events industry was crumbling around us, and more and more events were cancelled, we all felt THROWN out of our purpose. Many started wondering about the future of their careers.

Meeting someone like Kusum who left her engineering career to work in events OUT OF PURE PASSION, is truly remarkable.

A beacon of hope for all of us in the industry, to REITERATE the message why do we even work in this industry in the first place?



What can prompt an engineer to jump ship and become an event manager?

Creativity and Passion, say Kusum C Bala, computer engineer-turned-event-manager.

That, and the excitement of meeting new people, of putting together an event and feeling a sense of fulfilment after the event is over.

Hi my name is Kusum C Bala.

I am a Computer Engineer by profession but an Event Manager by passion.

I am from a very beautiful city - Lucknow, India.

I have always been great at studies and super creative person. I was always involved in events or any mass activity and always have a go-getter attitude to learn something new and at least try anything at once then only we get the knowledge about it right? Obviously, it was not easy for me to make the switch, but I was determined. It was tough, initially. I didn’t have any idea how to go about this business, with no guidance. We see events on television but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes to make that event look beautiful for a few hours. But I overcame all hurdles and personal insecurities to stick on in this chosen field.

How did COVID impact on your work?

During COVID Pandemic, life has become a little tough but it has open new horizons for me. I have started organizing virtual events and webinars. I have also started working as a Social media Marketer. Trying to take this pandemic as a blessing in disguise. I am also working on my initiative for mental health awareness and planning zoom meetings for people to arrive at a better place mentally.

Wedding events have taken a toll. In India, we are only allowed to have 50 people in a small gathering for a wedding. So it's industry bit risky but with full precautions and limited people we are doing it.

What is important to you in the events industry?

Paying attention to detail is a very important skill to have in this profession. Also, passion, self-belief, perseverance, and a never give up attitude and I am sure once this pandemic gets over, Event Industry is going to boom like anything!

If you needed a bit of reassurance, uplift and a little stray of sunshine about the FUTURE of the events industry, Kusum has given you A BUCKET.

Connect with Kusum

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kusum.c.bala

Facebook : www.facebook.com/kusum.c.bala 

Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/kusum-c-bala

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