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Digital marketing tips for event planners and agents, post COVID-19.

The world of events has been severely hit by the economic effects of COVID 19 lockdown.

However, with more countries easing up their restrictions and opening of the public, cultural and private spaces, now is the time to concentrate on your social content creation, in order to PROMOTE your business and activities online.

Even if your events have been rescheduled to next year, your agency needs to rethink numbers, or as a venue, you won't be opening doors anytime soon, now is not the time to be quiet on social media.

Use the full potential of social and keep communicating your message. Keep building your audience and your influence online. Now is the time.

1. Rethink your entire social strategy

Now is the perfect time to re-think and re-design your entire social strategy. Strategise your content creation model!

Ask yourself: What content are you going to be creating, how often will you post, what causes would you like to support.

Think about your online audience: create visually appealing digital or great editorial content, full of value to your ideal audience. Think of just one person (festival goer, event planner, buyer or supplier) and crate content with him/her in mind.

It's much easier to create content that can speak to a particular person, rather than to everyone. Chances are you can land in a very interesting niche.

2. Visual first

If your strategy is about creating visual content (pictures, videos, stories) rethink how you think about the visual.

Write down the colours that you think are associated with your brand, festival, or venue. Now try to portray that colour palette, through your social content. Take this time to learn more about colour psychology on social and if needed, rebrand.

3. Editorial first, promotional later

Research shows that most business owners prefer to send newsletters with content full of promotions or sales offers. That is a wrong strategy, especially now. Think long term. Your content should be fresh, full of VALUE, organic. Hence, if you create blog posts, newsletters or any written content, concentrate on good editorial. The audience loves to read new information, presented in an interesting and thought-provoking way.

4. Use emojis

Research clearly shows that using adequate emojis in your social content sparks engagement rates. Try to implement this strategy in your posts.

5. Show/support causes you to care about in your content

People are on social media to express and support various causes they believe in. If you want to cut through the social noise, make sure your content relates to or represents a cause you believe in.

6. Work with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have the best engagement rates (always intent to work with people with over 3% engagement rate). They also charge less for content creation. Some might accept vouchers or giveaways to their audience. So reach out to them and collaborate together. Influencers are considered to be the best advisors on social, and their followers often trust them more than their own friends or family, when it comes to products or services.

7. Involve your audience in content creation

Create pools, questions, debate or competitions. One idea for the user-generated content strategy is to ask your audience to recreate memories of your event or venue. Using tools such as REPOST for Instagram, you can then track and share their content on your channels.

8. Get familiar with Facebook business tools

Facebook ads manager, look-alike audiences, Facebook pixel: these are some of the most powerful digital marketing tools available out there. If you want dome support reach out to us, as we organise webinars soon. You won't go far ahead on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, without a very good grasp of the Facebook business tools and ads manager.

9. Create a content posting calendar

This isn't just a to-do list. You need to pre-plan what and when you will be posting.

Everything needs to be lined up with your strategy. It could be Thursday flashbacks campaign and Monday motivational tips campaign, which would mean you will be creating and posting content twice a week (on feed, not on stories). If you know what you will be posting in advance, you could be creating content in advance as well, and then use scheduling online tools such as Buffer, or Hootsuite.

But first, start with a content posting calendar.

10. Show your reality on social

We all know we love in unprecedented times and business is not as usual. There is no silver lining in pretending. But you can still communicate with your audience in a fun and engaging way, about the hurdles you are going through. Show how you cooperate with local communities or other businesses. Provide tips or at least entertainment.

If you are a music event steam line a mini music concert. If you are a business, organise a good webinar. Incentive agency can create a remote wine tasting packages with online class. Or if you are a fitness and wellbeing event, how about an Instagram live yoga class?

There are ways to entertain and educate your audience on social and most importantly, nurture the relationship with them. Don't forget humans are compassionate and emotional beings.

With increased social media consumption by roughly 40%, people are spending more time online and on social media. They are looking for ways to kill time, entertain, learn or get inspired. Figure out, in which category you and your content could palace, and start executing on your strategy. Chances are, your followers want to support you, so do not miss out on this great opportunity.

Written by Pauline Kwasniak for mbooked.com

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