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Digital Customer Journey Map

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

No matter if you use digital channels solely for raising awareness or you actually engage in e-commerce, your customers will be spending time online, before their booking/purchase.

People will be online searching for information, reading blog posts, looking for testimonials, watching videos. How they behave online when searching and considering your business /or services can be traced and reimagined- and it should be on your organisation's agenda.

Research shows that on average a customer will come into contact with your company/service/product roughly 7 times before making a purchase.

That is why it is crucial you are present online, you are visible and you provide good and reliable content, when necessary.

But how when exactly shoudl you publish content? What message should you use?

Customers are spending time online, during various stages on their purchasing journey: some customers are only becoming aware of you and your brand, other customers already know you but want to find more testimonials, some already decided to buy from you but they want to watch 1 more vidoe of you in action.

In order to truly understand your customer and what he needs from you during the various stages of his online journey, you should design A CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP.

What is the customer journey map?

A digital customer journey map is a complete framework that shows you how users connect with your brand and product digitally. It shows all the different stages that customers go through as they interact with your digital channels, from awareness to consideration, to purchase.

Based on your digital customer journey map you can identify various interception point of contact between your content and the customer, and decide what communication and assess, are needed at the point. Lastly, you will also be able to decide on the right medium. You should be using a mixture.

The map will greatly impact on your digital and content marketing decisions

Let's imagine a scenario where we have a hotel promoting itself

AWARENESS STAGE (how a customer become aware of your hotel in the first place )

  • TV ads

  • Print media (travel magazines)

  • Local newspapers

  • Facebook and Instagram feed ads,(usual sponsored ads we see appearing on our feed), Stories ads

  • PPC ads

  • Email/newsletters from various sources

  • Word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family

  • Content from influencers


  • Special ads/Special Offers

  • Stories ads

  • Reviews

  • Blog (other blogs about your property)

  • Video Blog

  • Media

  • Direct email (once you join a mail list)


  • Website - direct online booking

  • Phone - direct phone booking

  • Booking via major platforms such as booking.com /trivago.com

  • Booking via a travel agent


  • Community Forum

  • Social Group

  • FAQ

  • Knowledge Base

  • Consulting/service from 3rd party providers


  • Promotions

  • Blog

  • Social Networks and Platforms

  • Newsletters

  • USG

  • Influencers

Once you understand the customer journey and where he interacts with our marketing, you can better design THE RIGHT MESSAGE to target various stages of his customer journey

If you want to promote your hotel or the very first time, you can create a 15-second vidoe showing the best your resort has to offer.

However, for someone in the consideration stage, as he already knows about your property, a link to testimonials video would help a lot at this stage.

Understanding your customer's journey lays the groundwork for meaningful interactions online and successful business outcomes.

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