The events and hospitality industry had been badly hit by the pandemic and lockdowns.

We all remember the postponing of events, pivoting to virtual technology and “the next normal”. 

Now we need to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix- taking with us the fundaments and the basics of what makes the events and hospitality industry special- but adjust accordingly and offer NEW technologies, approach, problem-solving.

And if digital marketing was not a strong part of your business model then- it surely needs to be now.

For those reasons we need a better understanding and grasp of at least the following: 

- SEO: on-page, off-page and technical audits 

- SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: organic and paid (mostly paid for businesses these days)

- Content creation, strategy and calendar

- Content marketing

- Online Communities 

- Copywriting for online

- Facebook ads manager 

- Setting Campaign Objectives

- Affiliate Marketing Online

- Running digital campaigns 

And finally, something that many underestimate and general dislike to do - ANALYTICS!

We need to get better at reading the analytics and using the tools which are FREE and extremely powerful.

Having the ability to look at the analytics, see what worked and what didn't work, and generate reports - will make or break any brand.

These skills are key for many business professionals, freelancer, student - not just for marketing experts. 


Our mission is to make female events and hospitality professionals into digital marketers. 

In today’s day and age- we are all marketers and these skills are important for all of us.


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